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Pisces VI by the numbers
Pisces VI is the deepest diving privately owned submarine in the world.

The deepest of the deep diving Pisces series, Pisces VI has a current operational depth of 6,600 feet with a design depth of 8,300 feet. Pisces is powered by two 7 HP variable geometry thrusters that can propel the sub up to 3 knots. Power is supplied by a 42 Kilowatt redundant battery bank. Pisces has three 6 inch forward looking viewports with a 14 inch outside diameter. When the refit is complete, Pisces will be able to carry up to three passengers with one pilot. Pisces will have life support for a minimum of 140 hours underwater and will be equipped for a routine mission length of up to 12 hours. Communication is accomplished with a 100 watt, 27 KHz underwater telephone capable of broadcasting over five miles.

  • Max Depth

    2500 meters (8300 feet)

  • Gross Weight

    7.272 kg (16,000 pounds)

  • Capacity

    2 passengers and 1 pilot

  • Mission Length

    12 hours with a 120 hour reserve


Refitting Pisces VI for the future of deep sea exploration.
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Scott Waters

Project Manager
Scott has been fascinated by the undersea world since he saw 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Pisces is his third and most ambitious submarine project yet to date.
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Grace C Young

Chief Scientist
Grace is PhD Scholar in Ocean Engineering at University of Oxford She has worked in the past with CERN and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as well as Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.
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Vance Bradley

Crew Chief
Having logged over 2000 dives, Vance is no stranger to deep water exploration. Originally from Nashville, he now resides in Port St. Lucy, Florida. Vance is excited to be working again with Pisces VI.
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Ben Fosse

Director of Safety
Ben comes from an extensive aviation background and is excited to use that experience to create the safest deep water research platform in the world. He flies as a Captain for a US passenger airline.
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Ryan Brax Johnson

Master Machinist
Brax is a Kansas native that is excited to be working on his first submersible. Brax has a background in robotics engineering and fabrication. He particularly enjoys bringing the same level of precision and excellence to Pisces.
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Randy Watford

Welding Specialist
Randy is excited to join the Pisces team. He has extensive professional welding experience working with a variety of materials and techniques.
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Wes Cantrell

Wes has a passion for cars, bicycles and submersibles. Wes hails from Canton, Kansas and is a scholar at Kansas State Polytechnic.
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Mick Kaczorowski

Media Specialist
Mick Kaczorowski is and experienced world traveler, adventurer, photographer, and artist. Mick has earned his Bachelor’ of Arts degree in film and psychology from the University of Michigan. Mick has won two Emmy awards.

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